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Pet Ministry

Provides training, education and support for pet parents and their pets

Winfield's Pet Ministry Includes:

  • Care and Support for Pet Parents

Pet Prayer Blankets for new pets and sick pets as well as grief support for loss of a pet

  • Therapy Dog Training

Training classes prepare the dogs to obtain official therapy dog certification. The dogs can then visit the homebound & greet guests at worship or events.

  • Pet Focused Educational Sessions

Classes and seminars to better inform people about pets and their needs as well as helpful tips and fun presentations

See below for webinar hosted June 2021.

  • Service Projects and Community Events

Assist with animal adoption events and collect food/supplies for animal shelters

Sponsor annual Blessing of the Animals event

"Home Alone: Preparing Pets for Separation and Preventing Stranger Anxiety"

To watch our June 2021 hosted webinar, "Home Alone: Preparing Pets for Separation and Preventing Stranger Anxiety", click here: Home Alone: Preparing Pets for Separation and Preventing Stranger Anxiety.

The speaker is Melissa McMath Hatfield, MS, CBCC-KA, CDBC, a Certified Canine Behavior Consultant. To learn more about her work, you can visit her website at Dog Behaviorist | Loving Dogs.


Prayer Blankets

To request a pet prayer blanket, please see the Prayer Blanket Request Form link below. For more information about the Pet Ministry, contact Gayle Fiser, Pet Ministry Coordinator, at gaylefiser@att.net.

New puppy, Tito, enjoying his Winfield Pet Ministry prayer blanket.
Therapy dogs are trained to provide a nonjudgemental, loving presence in places where people may feel lonely, anxious, or apprehensive.
The Pet Pantry is a twice-monthly pet food distribution at the Roland Crisis Closet.

Taking the Best Photos of Your Pet

Abby Malone | woof@pawsonality.photography | Oct. 18, 2020

Click above to watch a video on taking the best photos of your pet, produced by Winfield's Pet Ministry featuring pet photography expert Abby Malone, Pawsonality Pet Art, www.Pawsonality.Photography.